Fraud and Financial Investigation Services

We are experienced in financial investigations for all three categories of occupational fraud:

  • Management fraud- intentional misrepresentation of financial statements, theft or improper use of resources by senior management
  • Employee fraud - theft or improper use of resources below senior management
  • External fraud - theft or improper use of resources by outsiders

Our approach in a fraud or financial investigation is to first evaluate whether a fraud has or may have occurred.  If our preliminary analysis provides sufficient affirmation that fraud may have occurred, we then move forward to determine the facts.

During our investigations, we dig into the details by:

  • Reviewing financial and non-financial data
  • Searching public records
  • Conducting fact-finding as well as admission-seeking interviews
  • Making inquiries to third parties
  • Gathering documentary evidence to support or refute suspicions or accusations

We report the details of our procedures and findings verbally, in written form, or by testimony before a trier of fact.