Litigation/Dispute Services

As forensic specialists, we are experienced in assisting attorneys as either testifying experts or as consultants in disputes or regulatory proceedings.

Our advice about the facts, issues and potential strategies is useful in all phases of the litigation process. 

Pre-complaint Phase

  • Performing forensic and investigative procedures
  • Ascertaining reasons for possible causes of damages
  • Assessing potential mitigation
  • Calculating damages 

Discovery, Pre-trial, and Trial Phases

  • Preparing and responding to document production requests and interrogatories
  • Identifying, organizing and managing documents and electronic data
  • Assisting in responding to pleadings
  • Performing forensic accounting and investigating issues and facts
  • Providing electronic discovery, computer forensics and data mining
  • Preparing declarations or affidavitsInterviewing key individuals
  • Preparing expert reports and exhibits for use in trial
  • Rendering opinions as designated experts in deposition and before triers of fact
  • Rebutting testimony of opposing experts