Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Forensic Accounting

Litigation and Dispute Support

Fraud and Financial Investigation

Due Diligence

Tax Strategies and Compliance

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

A company experiencing financial difficulties creates problems for management, employees, and creditors.  We are a valued resource for distressed companies, bankruptcy trustees, examiners, debtors, creditors, and creditors’ committees.

Our bankruptcy/restructuring services are tailored to your needs.  We perform complex analyses and aid in:

  • Analyzing preferential transactions
  • Investigating fraudulent conveyances
  • Reconstructing business records 
  • Addressing taxation matters and developing tax strategies
  • Tracing cash and other assets
  • Evaluating creditor claims
  • Analyzing insolvency
  • Assisting in business reorganizations
  • Restructuring debt and developing loan workouts
  • Expert testimony
  • Assisting in business operations management
  • Providing asset sale support
  • Addressing liquidity issues
  • Improving business operations

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Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accountants apply specialized financial knowledge to legal problems.  Our skills help our clients in:

  • Analyzing and classifying income and expenditures in business disputes
  • Validating costs incurred or allocated in construction or other contracts
  • Assessing business interruption, lost profits, and other types of claims
  • Analyzing business records regarding fraud, waste, or abuse
  • Tracing, locating, and evaluating assets in business or marital disputes
  • Locating and analyzing evidence to support or develop claims
  • Determining or assessing economic losses
  • Reconstructing business records
  • Ascertaining regulatory compliance
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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Litigation/Dispute Services

As forensic specialists, we are experienced in assisting attorneys as either testifying experts or as consultants in disputes or regulatory proceedings.

Our advice about the facts, issues and potential strategies is useful in all phases of the litigation process. 

Pre-complaint Phase

  • Performing forensic and investigative procedures
  • Ascertaining reasons for possible causes of damages
  • Assessing potential mitigation
  • Calculating damages 

Discovery, Pre-trial, and Trial Phases

  • Preparing and responding to document production requests and interrogatories
  • Identifying, organizing and managing documents and electronic data
  • Assisting in responding to pleadings
  • Performing forensic accounting and investigating issues and facts
  • Providing electronic discovery, computer forensics and data mining
  • Preparing declarations or affidavitsInterviewing key individuals
  • Preparing expert reports and exhibits for use in trial
  • Rendering opinions as designated experts in deposition and before triers of fact
  • Rebutting testimony of opposing experts

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Fraud and Financial Investigation Services

We are experienced in financial investigations for all three categories of occupational fraud:

  • Management fraud- intentional misrepresentation of financial statements, theft or improper use of resources by senior management
  • Employee fraud - theft or improper use of resources below senior management
  • External fraud - theft or improper use of resources by outsiders

Our approach in a fraud or financial investigation is to first evaluate whether a fraud has or may have occurred.  Then we determine the facts.

During our investigations, we dig into the details by:

  • Reviewing financial and nonfinancial data
  • Searching public records
  • Conducting fact-finding as well as admission-seeking interviews
  • Making inquiries to third parties
  • Gathering documentary evidence to support or refute suspicions or accusations

We report the details of our procedures and findings verbally, in written form, or by testimony before a trier of fact.

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Due Diligence

Risky Transactions: Some business transactions can be risky.  Although you cannot totally eliminate risk, we can help reduce risks in these types of transactions:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Debt transactions
  • Joint ventures
  • New business relationships

Adequate and accurate information is paramount to our clients to ensure that they know with whom they are doing business and how to achieve their objectives from the transaction.

Our forensic accounting and investigative skills can help provide valuable information to our clients in the following ways:

  • Confirmation and verification of known facts
  • Identification and disclosure of unknown or hidden facts 

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Tax Strategies and Compliance

Tax and Accounting Services for Trustees and other Fiduciaries

     Tax Compliance and Accounting Services – We meld our unique understanding, expertise, and experience with the bankruptcy code and the tax code and expertise in bankruptcy taxation matters in the preparation of:

  • Income Tax Returns for Individual and Business Bankruptcies
  • Monthly Operating and Other Reports for Courts and Other Regulators
  • Payroll Tax Returns and Reports
  • Preparation of Payroll and other Accounting Information

     Tax Planning and Management- In the face of changing and complicated tax laws, we guide you with identifying and implementing strategies to:

  • Minimize exposure to risk of audits by taxing authorities
  • Properly utilize IRC Section 505(b) for prompt determination of estate tax liabilities
  • Minimize tax liabilities
  • Maximize cash flow for the bankruptcy estate
  • Maximize the return to creditors

     Representation before the IRS and Other Taxing Authorities– We will guide you through examinations by federal and state agencies.  

Tax Services for Other Forensic Engagements  - We apply our knowledge of tax issues to the specific facts of each engagement

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